The easiest way to improve is... to get in the game! We have chosen to do so, by joining a so versatile and fast evolving industry such as fashion. The complexity of the fashion field motivates us to be even more efficient in the creation of new tissue and faster in the production of a technical fabric which must necessarily be in constant evolution. Even though ours is a technical fabric, its innumerable applications are also suitable for the fashion sector which requires elegance tissues, innovative fabrics and all the characteristics to be defined as a high fashion fabric. The multiplicity and variety of items offered, combined with a very effective production capacity, allowed our textile industry to extend our business abroad winning, among the competitors, the title as a serious, reliable and prestigious reality. Among our range of 3D fabric you can find many quantities and qualities of all kinds of products such as fabrics in wool, fabrics in silk, fabrics in cotton, fabrics in viscose and many others. We pay particular attention to the choice of raw materials, as well as for the production process and packaging carried out by means of sophisticated textile machinery that do not fear competitors. For this reason, we came to a so sophisticated stage that ours can be defined "customised fabrics". The confirmation of the quality of our three-dimensional fabrics and efficiency of our systems is given by the constant and growing demand of the largest fashion houses, which require increasingly prêt-à-porter tissues.